The ideal solution for fences for exteriors and interiors of commercial and residential buildings. The aluminum railings are made of aluminum profiles and fittings. Parts of the fence can be combined with glass and other materials. They are of exceptional use in the construction or reconstruction of attics, galleries, terraces, staircases, commercial and residential areas. It is known that fences are mainly exposed to weathering, which in steel and wooden fences cause deterioration and require regular maintenance, while aluminum fences are imposed as the right solution precisely because of the weather resistance of aluminum.


Advantages of Aluminum Fences:
– No maintenance required.
– They are weatherproof.
– They are lightweight and easy to mount.
– Guarantee longevity.
– They are easy to fit into the environment as they are produced in a wide
range of colors and models.


Alu and stainless steel (stainless steel or rostfrei) fences are a smart choice, resistant to corrosion and all weather, maintenance-free, saving you time and money.

Fence Alumil

Glass fence system without vertical poles. Very good mechanical properties thanks to the idea of ​​keeping the lower supporting profile continuous. Whether the installation is on the floor or side, the system provides quality solutions for glass fences or glass partition walls. It can be used outdoors or indoors, for residential and commercial properties, in shopping malls, hotels and modern apartments.


– Mounting on floor or side
– Tempered laminated glass 10 + 10 and 8 + 8 mm
– Handrails (round, oval, straight)
– LED lighting



Innovative sun protection system with rotating fins (pergola) for adaptive shading and rain protection. Minimal design, ideal for homes, hotels …


– Completely hidden mechanism, fixed in profiles for perfect aesthetic appearance
– Rotation of the blades (0-135 º) gives shade throughout the day
– Special design for rainwater drainage control
– Choice of different shapes and colors of fins
– Possibility of vertical placement for shading the object