M11000 Alutherm Plus is the most widely used profile of aluminum joinery with thermal break for windows and doors of all kinds.
It is characterized by high reliability (Wk3 class of anti-theft resistance) and adaptability to all requirements, making it an ideal choice for both business and residential use.
Supports the ability to install aluminum shutters and aluminum mosquito nets.
The most widespread profile of aluminum joinery


– base wing width 70 mm
– Base stem width 62.5mm
– Sealing with three EPDM seals
– a large number of different solutions, with the possibility of using profiles of different aesthetic designs
– installation of armored tilting hardware
– Euro gutter or PVC profile fittings
– profiles with two free chambers for good water evacuation and good bonding
– thermal break with glass fiber reinforced polyamide (20mm in wing, 24mm in rod)
– the possibility of using cast couplings, pressure couplings and stud couplings
– profiles for all door sizes, suitable for both commercial and private buildings
– glazing up to 57mm


Basic typology
– single, double and multi-leaf windows with or without grilles
– Entrance doors and glass walls
– angular structures


– Thermal insulation Uf = 2.3 – 2.9 W / m2K
– Material: AlMgSi0,5 (6060)
– Tensile strength: 215 N / mm2
– Brinell hardness: 2.75 Kg / dm3
– Anode-oxide layer thickness: 18-23 microns
– Coating thickness: 60-80 microns,
– Profile wall thickness: 1.4-2.0 mm,
– Fill: up to 50mm,
– Heat transfer coefficient: 2.5 W / m2K