Exterior blinds are shades that are suitable for installation on both commercial and residential buildings.

There are several types of exterior blinds that vary depending on the type of slats (C-65mm, C-80mm, F-80mm, Z-75mm), mounting method (visible, flush mounting), control mode (manual, electrical) and different designs (Krpan, Crater, on wire guides).



Excellent protection

Medle blinds protect your space from the weather, especially from sun exposure and overheating. They are also suitable for shading larger areas (larger aperture dimensions).


Light regulation

With the angle adjustment, the blinds allow you to control the amount of light and privacy in the room. They allow the flow of light and in the lowered state, which is their advantage compared to other external blinds.



Our blinds are solid and stable even in inclement weather, guaranteed by the C and Z shapes of the blades (the blades have rounded edges and are guided in the side alu guides).

Long shelf life

Our windows are of high quality and have a long shelf life.

Unconventional shape

It is possible to create non-standard shapes (for oblique windows).



The blinds are made of quality materials and are modern in color and give your homes and buildings a modern look.


Ease of use

Medle blinds are very easy to use. According to your wish, they can also be operated with electric motor drive

Blinds management
sa monokomandnom palicom
Types of slats
lamela C-65 mm
lamela C-80 mm
lamela F-80 mm
lamela Z-75 mm
vodilice 18x24 mm KRPAN
žičane vodilice
vodilice 31x87 mm KRATER
Types of exterior blinds



Termobox – V

On Wire Guides – Ordinary

On wire guides – MC