Trends in the shade area are changing as well. It is certainly necessary that development in the field of blinds has progressed, as many new technical solutions are now available.

This year’s latest novelty in our market is the KRATER exterior blind, which retains the versatility of installation, immediate use, independence of facade performance, massive performance and numerous other benefits that have made the product a true sales hit. Here are some of the reasons why you decide to go for this outdoor blind design.



-Because it is extremely easy to mount it in a few steps (the complete system, both the blind and the mosquito nozzle are already inserted into the cabinet, which we attach to the rails and attach them to the window),
-Because it’s compact and stylish,
-Suitable for both flush-mounted concealed and visible installation,
-Because of facade facade processing,
-Since we can install an integrated roller shutter (immediately or afterwards),
-Since we can use an arbitrary profile of external blinds,
-Because it allows the client to shade even before the facade is constructed,
-Because it provides numerous performance combinations in different colors,
-Because it is powered by MC stick,, motor or remote control,
-Because the product as such is developed and made in Medle Rollerblading and thus affordable,
-Because the product does not follow trends, it dictates them. Proof of this is the extraordinary interest at the Stuttgart World Eye Show in March 2012, where it premiered,
-Since we simply have to offer it, if we want to get jobs from parties that follow trends and want something more than the usual external blind.
-The product was developed and patented by Rollercraft Medle d.o.o.

Types of slats
lamela C-65 mm
lamela C-80 mm
lamela F-80 mm
lamela Z-75 mm
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