Choose your style!

With Medle’s interior wooden blinds, you can decorate your home in your personal style, and a wide variety of high quality blinds allow you to always achieve the perfect look for your rooms.


Wood blinds are among the most elegant shades, and the natural beauty of the wood and its warmth look even more beautiful and have a beneficial effect on our mood.



Benefits of Medle’s interior blinds:

– custom made
– Elegant and compact retro shape
– a large selection of different types and woodworking (laminated wood, high gloss exotic)
– Visibility and light are regulated according to your wishes
– you can choose between blade widths of 25 and 50mm
– easy operation of the leash (50mm) or the leash and the folding stick (25mm)
– possible installation on non-standard windows (oblique, round) – slats 25mm
– possibility of self-assembly
– easy maintenance