When you have installed mosquito nets on windows, you still need mosquito protection on doors. If you need door nets, mosquito nets, we offer nets in white, dark brown, and wood colors of your choice. If you like, we can also install self-closing bagels, then you have the perfect product. Lightweight profiles also allow for easy handling.

They are elegant in appearance, take up little space, and most importantly serve their purpose. By installing a door network in your space, you have protected yourself and your family from a variety of unwanted insects and reptiles. Door nets are a unique product. They can be mounted on any door. Door nets are manufactured in measured dimensions so that they breathe 100%.
The key to the door net is the magnet. So you can go through them with a slight thrust, and if you have self-closing bagels, it will close behind you. Baglams have springs inside and are used for self-closing the door. They have adjusters with which the volume-intensity of the door is adjusted.