Duco window ventilation systems take care of the natural supply of fresh air through the wall in dry rooms (living and working rooms). Unlike open windows, these systems are safe against hailing, rain and insects. Combined with the mechanical drainage of polluted air through “damp” rooms (kitchen, bathroom, …), these systems take care of a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Depending on the type, they can be placed on the glass, window or between the joists, on each type of window (PVC, ALUMINUM, WOOD, …) and are provided with an Air Supply to Adjustment (ODP) opening. The recommended height is at least 180cm above the floor.

Self-adjusting ventilation
– Ventilation in an economical way with natural ventilation.
– Uniform amount of ventilation – controlled ventilation
– Economical energy.
– Small chance of mold making: This is not only an aesthetic problem but also very bad for the health of buildings. It is also the cause of allergic diseases in humans.
– Better indoor air quality.
– Sufficient fresh air supply for room users and energy consuming appliances.
– Natural fresh air supply, without engine with its noise and energy consumption.
– Simple window ventilation system
– Easy mounting.
– No maintenance costs.
– The profiles are easy to clean.
– No draft – users do not feel the need to close the ventilation profile.
– Low investment: no need to ventilate with the WTW system (special ventilation ducts).
– Very important – never again condensation on the glass.

Guarantee of quality
Duco ventilation profiles guarantee equivalent air quality as well as energy efficiency. The air flow is supplied naturally with the adjustment cover on one side and the self-adjusting cover on the other. The self-adjusting flap works mechanically and takes care that the amount of ventilation remains the same as the wind volume changes, which means that regulating the amount of air is independent of the wind intensity.