Fixed nets are an insect protection product. The nets are mounted on the window opening. We offer profiles in white, brown and anthracite. They are made of extruded aluminum profiles with reinforced cross section, PVC angle, fiberglass mesh and rubber for fixing the mesh to the profile – 35 x 10mm profile dimension.

Mounting the nets is quick and easy. They can be mounted on all openings of average dimensions for bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Especially for smaller openings such as bathrooms. In addition to private facilities, it is also installed on business premises, especially in the hospitality industry.
Installation of insect protection nets is very simple. Without damaging the opening, it raps around the opening. One call is enough to protect your home from such pests. We emphasize that the cost of networks is very affordable and installation is fast. Built-in latches allow for easy and fast removal of fix nets.
Fixed insect nets are custom-made so that when installed they breathe into each opening and provide safe protection against insects, reptiles and the like. We guarantee delivery or assembly to all our customers within a very short time.