The Hörmann Group with its doors and motors is a leader in the European market. This success has been achieved through years of work, the constant growth of a family-run facility with a focus on innovation, quality and proximity to customers. The Hörmann Group is an expanding company with an international orientation.


Doors and motors are manufactured in highly specialized factories in Europe, North America and Asia. With more than 6,000 employees, 100% of the family-owned property has an annual turnover of 1 billion Euros. One network with more than 50 headquarters and numerous dealers in over 30 countries guarantees a short customer journey to our products.


One of those 30 countries is also Bosnia and Herzegovina, where FESTA d.o.o. successfully represented. FESTA d.o.o. is 100% family owned and currently has 23 employees who have undergone professional training to provide you with superior service. The showroom, together with the warehouse, is located on a land area of ​​17,000 m2 along the regional road Doboj – Jelah – Teslic, from which distribution is made throughout BiH.

On the opening day, Festa d.o.o. received the Golden Plaque for the most beautiful and largest showroom in Southeastern Europe. We always have over 800 doors in the warehouse, which is the largest in Southeastern Europe, to reduce your waiting period.