GECCO (Gealan Clima Control)
To maintain uniform humidity and temperature in your premises, there is an intelligent self-regulating GECCO (clima control) air ventilation system. By installing GECCA on your window, you get an automatic air change through a closed window without leaking not a sudden drop in temperature. The small, high-impact cover makes your classic window a “ventilation window”, which achieves regular air exchange in the room and prevents mold on the walls.

PremiVent is a smart solution for modernizing existing buildings. This high end product from the Kömerling fan series is an easy, economical and sustainable solution to the housing industry’s problems. At the Praxis Altbau Competition where 2,011 products were available, the “Innovation Award won the PremiVent for its efficiency and economy. PremiVent’s hub is an integrated countercurrent enthalpy exchanger. In the enthalpy exchanger, the special salt bar acts as a sponge, absorbs water vapor from the warm side and switches to the cold air side. This process draws energy from the water vapor.
By changing the enthalpy, energy savings of 80% can be achieved for a comfortable living climate.
Further changes are unnecessary: ​​everything is simply installed when the window is replaced. In the past, PremiVent leaves behind all the demanding systems. Advanced technology helps reduce asthma problems and improves air quality. Our new ventilation system represents a reduction in incidental costs and increases the quality of life, and meets all other requirements. This product was developed in conjunction with Zehnder Group, a leading manufacturer in the market for luxury energy recapital systems in Europe.

Given that today’s windows are breathable, the change of air into the room is minimized, which can cause mold in your apartment, as well as condensation of water on glass surfaces. Proper ventilation of rooms is a key solution to this problem, as more fresh air flows through the apartment and can thus receive more moisture on its own. The humidity in your apartment should be between 30 and 50%.

Condensation is a natural phenomenon that occurs on cold surfaces at high humidity levels in the air. It occurs more often in winter when there is a greater temperature difference indoors and out. The higher the humidity concentration in the air, the more frequent ventilation is required. Warm air can absorb more water vapor than cold. The part of water vapor that cannot be received by the air condenses on the surrounding surfaces. Therefore, the more moisture we produce, the room temperature should be.