Today, glass is one of the dominant building materials that creates the greatest achievements of contemporary architecture. In addition to giving an important seal to the appearance of the facade, the glass must also meet a number of functional requirements such as: frost, heat, noise, etc. Most of these requirements are represented by various protective functions, which only modern insulation and safety glass can offer.

Insulating glass

Insulating glass-iso glass is made of two or three layers of flat glass of the same or different thicknesses. The interglass space can be combined with moldings of different thicknesses and can be further filled with argon and krypton gases.

Security glass

Special safety glasses for protection of people and objects are produced by laminating and tempering processes. Safety glasses have increased flexural strength, increased impact strength and thus increased protection against injuries.


In the interior mirrors, in addition to practical, have an aesthetic function. Mirrors of different sizes, shapes and styles, with or without frames, reflect light, create the illusion of depth and extension of space, and can conceal interior flaws and imperfections.

Glasses for construction and agricultural machinery

Glasses for construction and agricultural machinery, due to the nature of the job, are very often damaged.

We make all flat glass for construction and agricultural machinery by pattern or pattern.