We offer you an additional selection of high quality handles and grips that you can choose and customize to your liking. Handles with PvD protection (metal ion transfer) have a 10-year warranty on wear and corrosion. In standard version the windows are delivered with white or brown semi-castings, and the front door in standard version is delivered with a chrome or plastic fixation handle. We are also able to offer you other shapes and types of commercially available semi-castings, handles and handrails to give your windows and doors an individual dimension. You can also see more choices on our website.

GU half window sills and balcony doors open the prospect: by choosing aluminum and stainless steel window sills and aluminum narrow frame sets you will invest in design details, but also in durable quality ensured by permanent function tests and static load tests in which all window semi-cast groups GU and narrow box sets always show results above all requirements.

Comprehensive shape language: Door frames are also available for every design. For a clean design line throughout the house – from the window handle, through the door handle to the narrow window frames, to the door frames. Universal application can be performed in any type of building.

Aluminum semi-castings - stainless steel - narrow frames