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Schüco offers the ideal combination of thermal insulation and proven system technology for every market. Compact-class systems, all of which come with one hand: profiles, fittings, gaskets and fasteners.

Where traditional and modern go hand in hand

Jansen, a tradition-based company based in Oberriet, Switzerland, develops, designs, manufactures and markets precision steel pipes and steel systems, as well as plastic products for the construction and other industries. Jansen provides technologically mature products and systems solutions to its worldwide customers that deliver true added value.


Jansen creates innovations that allow an organization to take new paths every day in the areas of product, technology and service development.


The grill has the possibility of containing fixed oval blades in a semi-open position or movable blades that can regulate the light input into the space.

ulazna vrata

The front door occupies an important place in the construction of the house. Through them we come into contact with the outer space every day, through which we enter into the intimacy of our home.

Glass forms the largest window area through which energy savings are maximized.

Although they occupy a small part of the total area of ​​the exterior of the building …

klizna vrata

Highly insulated sliding and folding aluminum and plastic sliding doors open up new open spaces …

staklene baste

Greenhouses and large panoramic glass surfaces have become an indispensable trend in modern architecture with the development of technology and systems for their production.


Not only are roller shutters effective against summer heat, they also protect us from winter cold …

fasade tehnosint

The facade of the building is visually most striking to the viewer, and is often the most crucial for …



Whether it is for new construction or modernization: Give your home your individual style. With windows, front doors, sliding doors, conservatories and Schüco balconies. Energy efficient, comfortable, safe.

Door configurator

Plan and design individual dream home doors with Schüco front door configurator.


Exterior blinds are shades that are suitable for installation on both commercial and residential buildings.

By combining slats with supports of various shapes, brisoleys are formed as an effective thermal protection of the bright openings of the facade and the object.

One of the elements that can be quickly seen approaching the future are doors and locks.

RAL – installation mainly aims at saving energy and proper installation, to prevent the negative effects of moisture and its consequences.

The ideal solution for fences for exteriors and interiors of commercial and residential buildings.

Trespa panels are large in size and are manufactured in four types depending on the installation location.

We offer you an additional selection of high quality handles and grips that you can choose and customize to your liking.

Duco window ventilation systems take care of the natural supply of fresh air through the wall in dry rooms.



Janisol Arte 2.0

Slim steel window system to fit existing style into renovation

Protupožarna vrata


Fire door

Jansen took advantage of the ceramics. The result is a fire door that optimally combines power with the highest fire protection features.