Quiet handling. Long-term. Safe. There are many types of luxury, and with PremiLine, a sliding system that is particularly quiet to handle, you’ll also meet a few new ones. The PremiLine sliding system can be easily opened and closed easily. Its quiet operation is especially easy and easy to use. Even with large glass surfaces, PremiLine profiles guarantee extremely quiet movement of the sliding elements, which is conditioned by the high stability of the window or door leaf.


Due to the high static of the overall construction, the PremiLine sliding elements also provide a high degree of safety. And since PremiLine sliding elements are also extremely durable, you can now safely sit and enjoy more comfort as your PremiLine sliding elements slide on high quality stainless steel rails.


For PremiLine, Trocal offers a large selection of foils, which can be of wood or plain color, all contributing to greater individualization of sliding doors. PremiLine thus offers not only comfort but also customer-friendly design. With Greenline maxim, which obliges us to develop only energy-efficient windows and to use only lead-free stabilizers in fresh material, with continuous recycling, you get a sliding system that gives you all the important values ​​and features.

Main features

– Trocal PremiSlide 76 – sliding window and door system
– Installation depth 76 mm, 5-chamber construction
– Standard thermal conductivity up to 1.4 W (m²K)
– Triple glazing workable up to a maximum glass package of 50 mm
– Siegenia ECO SLIDE shackle system
– Security vent for the breeze
– Simple and easy operation when opening and closing the system
– Choice of choice – classic white PVC, wood decors, uni colors as well as metallic colors
– Stabilizers without lead