Trocal PremiSlide 76 is an innovative sliding window and door system. It stands out for its suitability for large facade elements, which consist of several parts. The big advantage over conventional swivel solutions is the minimum space it takes up when the elements are open. There is no window sash that takes up space in the room. There is no sliding of the window sill before opening the element. Simple and effective system that excels in functionality. Unlike conventional sliding windows, which do not even seal as standard as standard swivel windows, the premise of the PremSlide 76 system rests on the foundations of the leading system in the Trocal 76 market.


Unusual construction, where emphasis is placed on sealing and quiet handling. In standard versions, when it is hit by rain, air permeability, sound insulation and all combined with a heat value of 1.4 W / (m²K), it reaches peak values.


The main feature is the innovative sliding trolley. Even after almost endless use of the system, the Trocal PremiSlide 76 impresses with the ease of handling without any indication of being stuck. Extremely easy to operate. The entire system fits perfectly into the room’s ventilation opening, which protects against burglars despite the wind.


PremiSlide 76, like all Trocal window and door systems, has a large selection of foil decor. Typical are those in wood decor, followed by uni colors or a modern metallic profile look. Choose your color and opening method that will suit your subject. Trocal PremiSlide 76 – More comfort for your home.

Main features

– Trocal PremiSlide 76 – sliding window and door system
– Installation depth 76 mm, 5-chamber construction
– Standard thermal conductivity up to 1.4 W (m²K)
– Triple glazing workable up to a maximum glass package of 50 mm
– Siegenia ECO SLIDE shackle system
– Security vent for the breeze
– Simple and easy operation when opening and closing the system
– Choice of choice – classic white PVC, wood color decors, uni colors as well as metallic colors
– Stabilizers without lead