In addition to its shape and size, the main role is played by a wide range of colors and the impression that the profile leaves. PremiDoor 88 optimally realizes architectural ideas. Aluminum lining leaves no desires unfulfilled. You can choose from several ways to apply a layer to an aluminum coating, such as a. anodizing, plastification or painting. Thousands of colors are at your disposal. There are no obstacles to the realization of putting an individual stamp on your object.


We can say in general that the choice of PremiDoor 88 AluClip blends the best of the two worlds. On the one hand you have weatherproof, stylish aluminum lining – it offers a wide variety of colors, while on the other you have a PVC profile, which is always chosen for its thermal and sound values ​​as well as easy maintenance.


Alu linings are simply clicked on the PVC profile and offer a stable and long-lasting joint. With PremiDoor 88 you already have a lift system that keeps pace and can meet all market demands compared to any other lift system. In conjunction with AluClip you have a sliding door that is perfectly tailored just for you.

Main features


– Convincing results both in aesthetic and energetic terms
– Larger glass surfaces – higher solar, energy gain
– Larger surfaces, fixed wingless elements up to 54 mm thick glass
– Maximum element size 6.50 m x 2.90 m for white profiles Uf = 1.2-1.3 W / (m²K)
– Heat isolation
– Package glass up to 54mm
– Restivable passive house values ​​possible up to 0.8W / (m²K)
– Fully recyclable
– Exclusive use of lead-free stabilizers in fresh raw material – greenline