The AluClip version of PremiDoor 88 lux has the same features as the standard variant. The decisive advantage lies in the multiple choice of design. With the addition of aluminum lining, desires do not remain unfulfilled. You are given the choice of anodizing, laminating or varnishing the aluminum lining. It offers an endless selection of thousands of RAL tones.


The basic reason for choosing PremiDoor 88 is the same as choosing the standard variant, which is the desire and possibility for large openings. Lifting sliding elements, with large glass surfaces, fit perfectly into the space you want to fill with light. With the Trocal PremiDoor 88 lux variant, the movable part consists of a single wing, which protrudes from the outside and leads to a reduction of the visible surfaces in equal external measures. The fixed element of PremiDoor is stationary. In this case, you completely renounce the wings. In this way the visible surface of the profile is extremely reduced and the glass participation is significantly increased. This certainly has a positive effect on solar energy gain, and the thermal insulation values ​​themselves are therefore remarkable and can be upgraded to passive homes.


With the choice of this system, lifting and sliding elements up to 2.90 m high and 6.50 m wide can be achieved with the use of glass up to 54 mm thick. Impressive elements, weighing hundreds of pounds. Therefore, special emphasis is placed on stability and ease of use in this construction. The striking elements are easy to move and practically bring nature into the living room.

Main features


– Convincing results both in aesthetic and energetic terms
– Larger glass surfaces – higher solar, energy gain
– Larger surfaces, fixed wingless elements up to 54 mm thick glass
– Maximum element size 6.50 m x 2.90 m for white profiles
– Uf = 1.2-1.3 W / (m²K)
– Heat isolation
– Package glass up to 54mm
– Restivable passive house values ​​possible up to 0.8W / (m²K)
– Fully recyclable
– Exclusive use of lead-free stabilizers in fresh raw material – greenline