Insect mosquito nets are the ideal solution for all openings. The nets are made to fit the holes to which they are installed. They have the ability to raise / lower as needed. When raised, they occupy a minimum of space, that is, as much as the window frames.

Roller nets – standard

Roller nets – click click

Depending on the conditions of the installation space, we have different guide rails and cassettes. Roller shutters can be mounted on windows as well as on balcony doors. Like fixed nets, roll nets breathe perfectly on all openings. At the top is a roll in which, when lifting, they are assembled, on the sides are guides that have brushes on each side, and at the bottom is a brush that sits for the entire length and breathes on the bench of your window.


Of course, as such, they are more expensive than landline networks, but the price is appropriate for convenience and quality. If you want a quality and long-term solution and protect your home from insects and mosquitoes, roller nets are the right choice.