Thanks to new technologies and materials for interconnecting different materials, the connection between aluminum and glass can be made so that visible aluminum profiles are minimal. For semi-structural facades there are aluminum brackets that are visible in the facade to a minimum (about 2.5 cm + joint). The window is opened exclusively around the upper horizontal axis from the outside (away from the object). The appearance of the facade is the same with the opening, fixed and parapet parts of the facade. Exterior covers and decorative masks can be designed, painted and accentuated as desired.


Minimum visible aluminum profiles

– Maximum protection against atmospheric influences, excellent thermal protection (comfortable stay both in summer and winter), because they are profiles that make the substructure with thermal break, so large losses of heat and condensation occur;
– Maximum sound protection against city noise;
– Absolute waterproofing in extreme weather conditions;
– The possibility of using different types and thickness of glass;
– A large selection of different decorative cover profiles for
contemporary aesthetic experience;
– Great savings, because incomparably less energy is spent on heating and cooling the building;
– Excellent sealing and fire resistance.
Such advantages are possible thanks to insulating glasses and special types of glasses for protection against very high as well as against low temperatures. Also, thanks to the aluminum profiles that are made with the broken thermal bridge with increased thermal insulation of the full parts of the facade.