ALU Shutters

PVC Shutters

Alu Shutters
The window frames, which are directly exposed to all weather conditions and protect you from the sun, rain, ice, snow, wind, must be made flawlessly. Aluminum as a material has proven to be the most ideal solution here.
We basically divide the aluminum shutters into four opening models: swivel, folding, harmo and sliding.
By shading we divide them into: movable blade grills, fixed blade grills and full grills.
Some of the advantages of aluminum grills over other materials:


– longevity and resistance to all weathers, lightweight, yet very solid and durable
– Simple and convenient to operate, clean and maintain
– Possible regulation of movable slats until complete blackout
– rounded edges of blades (modern design)
– color selection of your choice (RAL card + syringe + wood imitation)


Alu sliding shutters
In addition to all the advantages of aluminum shutters, sliding is the most practical to handle, with a sleek design with maximum protection against external influences. They are an ideal solution for modern architectural buildings.


PVC shutters
Grills are most exposed to the weather, and therefore their quality must be beyond question. All profiles used for the frames as well as the wings are reinforced internally by galvanized steel reinforcements. In addition, special reinforcements in the corners are used which further contribute to the strength of the wing. The GU fitting is additionally protected and adapted to coastal conditions – exceptional resistance to sea salt.
With this approach, we get flawless grills that are much easier to resist the weather than classic PVC grills. PVC shutters require no maintenance, which is otherwise expensive and laborious. The resistance of the grills, as well as their beauty, will remain unchanged despite the persistent effect of UV rays, sea salt, rain, wind or snow!


PVC shutters are divided into:
– fixed blade shutters
– shutters with movable slats