Artemis grill is a frameless model that is mounted directly on the window frame, whether it is PVC, ALU or wooden window. The bezel-free grill can be adapted to the various climates of life with its simplicity, thus completing the aesthetics of each object. It is available with fixed and movable slats or with full fill. In addition to the classic swivel wings, the design of folding wings is possible.


Frameless Artemis Grill

The frameless artemis grill offers the ability to mount directly on the window frame. The advantage of this model is that there is no installation of the grill on the object, but with pre-processing on the PVC window grill immediately attached to the window frame. This model grille offers the possibility of installation with a styrofoam facade up to 210 mm, but also offers the possibility of installation before installing a styrofoam facade.