With style
The Aurora is a model grill that with its rounded lines represents a balanced compromise between the traditional style of the rustic grill and the modern style of grill with sliding blades. Therefore, Aurora is a grill model that can be adapted to all lifestyles of modern and traditional architecture.


Aurora facade EUX grilles
The aurora grill with a rounded “Z” frame is mounted on the edge of the facade. The length of the piston is 30 mm. Such a grill can be fitted with “Maco” type superstructure or concealed pan. The opening system can be with a rustic Maco handle and a metal bar or with a classic puluolive type handle. It allows various designs of swivel and folding wings, frames on all 4 sides or only on 3 sides where in this case a brush is used at the bottom of the wing to prevent the passage of light. It is available with fixed and movable slats or with full fill.