The Dinata EUX frame grille offers the possibility of mounting on a Styrofoam facade. With its frame, it attaches to the window frame, leaving no space between the window and the shutter. A vertical or horizontal mosquito can be installed in the grill frame. With its robust frame and swivel design, it can be adapted to the most demanding conditions of modern and traditional construction. Dinata is available in fixed and movable blades or with full fill.


Frame grill dinate
Dinosaur Grill offers two types of frames. A 50×70 frame is provided for the installation of the mosquito. The 30×45 frame is designed for less Styrofoam insulation and no mosquito can be installed in this box. The 50×70 frame model offers the possibility of installing a low threshold height of 15 mm with a rubber gasket on it to prevent light from entering. With both frame variants, classic swivel and folding wings are available.