The Fortuna is a 55×83 mm frame grille that mounts to the window frame, leaving no space between the window and the grille. It is possible to integrate a vertical or horizontal mosquito in the stock, which is completely aligned with the frame of the grill and can be obtained in various RAL colors and wood imitations. The mosquito is mounted on the pusher system in the grille. It is available in fixed and movable blades or with full fill, with classic swivel or folding wings.


Frame grille
The Fortuna grill has a 55×83 frame that has a space provided for the installation of mosquitoes. The 55×83 grille frame has a cover provided that also offers the possibility of retrofitting the mosquito. With the built-in grill, the flap can be easily removed and the mosquito provided for that frame can be inserted. The 55×83 frame also has the option of installing a low 15mm sill that has a rubber seal on it to prevent light from passing through.