Perun is a typical skin for Mediterranean areas, characterized by full fill with vertical lines 60 mm wide, visible completely from the inside and the outside. Due to their charm in the Adriatic, aluminum shells are called “Istrian shells” or “Dalmatian shells”. In addition to being functional, they blend in perfectly with old stone houses and are a great fit for any rustic design. They are made of the highest quality alu-plasticized materials and are very easy to maintain. Provides classic swivel and folding wings.


Perun hide
Perun skins allow framing with or without frame directly on the stone ert. This system, in addition to the classic swivel skins, allows the implementation of various switching variants “alla Padovan” and “alla Vicentina”. They are available with swivel and folding wings, and the fill can be fitted with horizontal or vertical lines. The model offers more variations and opening systems.