The Zaria is a 45mm frame grille that fits into any type of architecture with its straight lines. The Zaria grill has the ability to contain fixed oval slats in a semi-open position or sliding slats that can regulate light input into the room. In addition to their primary function of shading and burglar protection, they have a very important aesthetic role in every object. With its façade frame, Zaria is mounted on the edge of the façade.


Zaria facade R40 grill
More variants of the “Z” frame are available with 22mm, 50mm and 70mm pistons. With an “L” rod without a piston, it can be retracted into the spatula, and with the appropriate fitting, a wing projection can be fitted. The wing protrusion is available in two variants: 40 mm and 80 mm. This grill model is available in various opening variants, from classic swivel wings to folding wings and folding wings with telescopic shears. Provides fixed and movable fins, or full fill.