With one single profile system, TROCAL 76, you can fulfill your wishes and install not only windows in your home, but also balcony doors, patio doors as well as parallel-sliding-tilting doors. TROCAL 76 opens new horizons – a system that is perfectly aligned within itself. Give your home a harmonious and harmonious line.
The outside of the PVC profile is equipped with an AluClip aluminum lining, which you can mold to your choice. In addition to various techniques such as plastification or NCS optics (Natural Color System, according to the Swedish standard SS019100), you can also paint in all RAL colors. For door fills we offer: modern functional glass, various surface structures and colors, glass with LED effect, glass with motifs. You can choose from a comprehensive range of finished products from reputable doorfill manufacturers.
Thanks to one mature, experienced technique, the TROCAL 76 AluClip front door has excellent thermal insulation. High sealing and thermal insulation values ​​are achieved with a thermal break threshold. This allows housing without restriction, with a threshold height of only 20mm, according to DIN 18025.
Private buildings, buildings or homes are predominantly equipped with doors that open inwards. Entrance doors with openings to the outside are more often installed on traffic objects and for narrowed exit options in private buildings for security reasons.
Our greenline principle: energy-efficient window systems, stabilizers in fresh, lead-free material, and an intelligent recycling concept provide the added plus of profile durability.

– Five-chamber construction with installation depth of 76 mm.
– Perfect protection against rain and wind.
– Threshold with thermal break in the service of high thermal insulation.
– Available without restriction according to DIN 18025.
– Maximum sash dimensions for single-leaf entrance doors: 1200 x 2400 mm.
– Maximum sash dimensions for double-leafed front doors: 1000 x 2400 mm.
– High security rating – RC 2 resistance class (WK 2).
– High degree of sealing, double sealing to the sill.
– Application of special functional glass or conventional door fills.
– Aluminum lining on the outside of the PVC window system offers innumerable options for shaping it.