The front door inside your four walls can give a really special feeling. With the TROCAL 88 AluClip front door PVC systems, this feeling comes close to you. The aluminum trim on the outside of the PVC window profile gives you complete freedom in your imagination. You can choose whether to paint them by choosing some of the RAL colors in matte or glossy or choose NCS (Natural Color System, Swedish Standard SS019100) or anodizing, almost anything is possible! The inside of the profile is made of white PVC material, easy to maintain and without the need for frequent service.


In addition to these aesthetic aspects, the TROCAL 88 front door with AluClip also offers a highly modern six-chamber construction with enviable technical features. PVC material guarantees high profile form stability as well as optimum thermal insulation, which is achieved, among other things, by a thermal break threshold.

Another advantage of the TROCAL 88 AluClip front door is the static. With the aluminum colored trim on the outside of the profile, the following maximum wing dimensions can be realized:


Single door: max. 1000 x 2200 mm
Double door: max. 900 x 2200 mm


The PVC door system is also distinguished by the opening directions. The TROCAL 88 front door system offers the right wing-side solution with an outward opening, for emergency exit in traffic objects and for narrowed exit options in a private environment.

All PVC profiles are exclusively manufactured in fresh material, with lead-free stabilizers based on calcium zinc.

– TROCAL 88 AluClip – front door.
– Innovative PVC front door system with installation depth of 88 mm.
– Relevant hexagonal construction with maximum steel reinforcements and angle welds for high static.
– Unusual heat protection compared to aluminum front doors.
– Optics, aluminum exterior, neutral white inside.
– Almost unlimited choice of colors for aluminum lining and aluminum binding wing, with a technique such as anodizing or plastification.
– Deeper glass groove, for modern three-pane glass, special safety glass or door fills up to 56mm thick