Lift-sliding systems are certainly the most elegant choice to keep the room flooded with light. With the AluClip variant PremiDoor 76, the Trocal brand does just that. The large lifting and sliding elements, from 6.50 m wide and up to 2.40 m high, give the impression of a fantastic sense of space and a new sense of the art of living.

The installation depth of 76 mm guarantees, in combination with solid central gaskets, with a movable bar and intelligent five-chamber structures, excellent thermal protection of Uf = 1,4 W / (m²K). With features such as easy and simple handling, it is always an advantage over any fixed element. For the Trocal PremiDoor 76, even aluminum systems are not in competition, because the easy-to-attach aluminum lining gives the same visual effect, albeit with markedly better U-values. Thousands of RAL colors, varnishes or anodizing are available, the choice is yours.


Trocal’s main focus is on safety and ease of use, so triple glazing up to 50 mm thick can easily be used with this system. Despite the thickness of the glass, which can weigh up to several hundred pounds, it is surprisingly easy and quiet to slide the element over the sill, which is flush with the overall construction.


In short, the PremiDoor 76 AluClip is above all a true champion in the disciplines of thermal insulation, freedom of arrangement, comfort in handling, functionality.

Main features

– Lift-sliding door with installation depth of 76 mm
– Expressed freedom of decoration, with a choice of AluClip aluminum lining systems
– Uf thermal protection –1,4 W (m²K)
– Single elements up to 6.50 m wide and 2.40 m high
– The ability to glass up to 50 mm thick
– Extreme light output thanks to narrow profiles
– Easy to operate, quiet when sliding element
– Intelligent sealing system with massive sealing tires at movable bar
– Greenline