It portrays the luxury variant of the Trocal system, narrow profiles, with large glass surfaces and high light output. It portrays the Trocal AluClip as an easy-to-install system, but above all, an elegant and stable aluminum lining system. The PremiDoor 76 lux AluClip system overlaps these two features and blends in the perfect symbiosis of design and grace.


AluClip is characterized by weather and weather resistance. It can be further processed with the help of various processes, varnishing, coating techniques, anodizing. With a choice of over a thousand RAL tones, there is no barrier to individual selection.


As with any lift system, the advantages are not only external values. The Trocal PremiDoor 76 lux AluClip also justifies this confidence with its intrinsic values, thermal insulation of Uf = 1.4 W / (m²K), the possibility of using glass packages up to 50 mm, and maximum glass surfaces. Individual glass openings can be produced in dimensions from 6.50 m wide and up to 2.60 m high. Despite these dimensions, the elements are easy to handle. The threshold fits seamlessly into the system, with the Trocal PremiDoor not only saving energy but also being durable. It is well known that, over the years, Trocal consciously renounced its lead content in fresh raw materials and chose vinylplus for recycling in order to offer a thoughtful, first-class lift system.

Main features

– Lift-sliding door with aluminum trim
– Different color choices
– Standard thermal insulation of Uf-1,4 W (m²K)
– Single elements up to 6.5 m wide and 2.40 m high
– Package of glass up to 50 mm
– Excellent light output thanks to narrow profiles
– Simple and quiet handling system
– Intelligent sealing system with solid rubber seal on movable bar
– Greenline