It is not without reason given the name LUX. The luxury at Trocal Premidoor means first of all – light, light and even more light. More daylight, more sunlight, more light, more light inside your home. No lift system can flood rooms with natural light like this lux. The narrow profiles freely allow the use of large glass surfaces and their large weights. 50mm thick lenses are not a problem, as are elements that can be up to 6.50m individual width and 2.60m high, all with a profile cross section of 40mm with a fixed wing.


The intelligent construction and innovative sealing system have made the Trocal PremiDoor 76 lux a true thermal wonder. The thermal values ​​of 1.4 W / (m²K) are impressive figures, but they are not the only important features that make this system stand out. These can also be single elements, weighing several hundred pounds, and glide extremely easily. Easy handling and exceptional stability.


One small glimpse of a threshold is sufficient, which will show you the compactness of the entire element, without any threshold obstacles. Multiple color choices leave no room for unfulfilled wishes. It is possible to choose a foil in various wood decor, uni colors or metallic colors as well as the whole system in neutral white PVC variant, magical colors that give an impression, pleasant optics with protective properties.


Fully thought-out system, greenline, with no lead stabilizer in it, recyclable.

Main features

– PremiDoor 76 lux – a modern lift and sliding system
– Narrow profiles and large glass surfaces
– Five-chamber construction
– Elements in dimension 6.5 m high x 2.6 m wide
– Thermal protection against Uf = 1,4 W / (m²K) as standard
– Package of glass up to 50 mm
– Variety of color choices: pure white or different colors of foil
– Persistence, with the conscious use of materials that fit into the self-conscious concept of the importance of recycling