The most striking feature of any building is the modern lifting and sliding systems. They remove, with their large glass surfaces, the wall between the outside of the room and the interior of the room, giving them a sense of freedom and autonomy.


The Trocal PremiDoor 76 embodies all of these strengths and is thus clearly moving away from competing products. With thermal insulation of U f = 1.4 W / (m²K), it is at the top of the scale. Innovative, thoughtful glass groove seals, a thoughtful sealing system and a special fuller movable bar create a system that looks flush in systems with a depth of 76mm.

Striking profile design in one plane, gives more space to glass surfaces. So the visible wing width is only 100mm. Glasses from 16 to 50 mm thick are easily integrated into a five-chamber structure. The individual elements of the PremiDoor 76 system can be produced up to 2.60 m high and up to a maximum width of 6.50 m. An impressive 16.9 m2 per element.


In addition to fitting in the desired dimensions, the Trocal lift and sliding doors also fit into individual color choices. The standard is classic white PVC. The demand for this color system is noticeable from year to year. Therefore, there are a variety of metallic shades, wood colors, or standard colors available to help you keep your personal mark.

Main features

– Lift-sliding system with 76 mm depth of installation
– Barrier-free threshold system
– Maximum element size of 6.50m wide x 2.60m high for white elements
– Thermal insulation value Uf = 1,4 W (m²K)
– Unique sealing system with massive central sealing at the movable bar
– Extremely narrow wings, with a visible width of only 100mm
– Easy to handle
– White colors, wood decors, universal colors or metallic shades
– Greenline