Large spacious rooms, with plenty of daylight, are a basic requirement of most construction projects. Lifting and sliding systems perfectly fit the requirement for light-flooded rooms. With the Trocal PremiDoor 88 lux, the movable part is fitted with a single wing, which exits glass. This results in a decrease in the visible portion of the wing without the sliding element being narrowed.

The visible part of the wing is significantly reduced in this way, and the proportion of glass increases significantly. This feature certainly has a positive outcome on solar gains, the values ​​of thermal protection are accordingly remarkable and can be increased to the value of passive houses.


With the choice of this system, lifting and sliding elements up to 2.90 m high and 6.50 m wide can be achieved with the use of glass up to 54 mm thick. Impressive elements, weighing hundreds of pounds. Therefore, special emphasis is placed on stability and ease of use in this construction. The striking elements are easy to move and practically bring nature into the living room.

Main features


– Convincing results both in aesthetic and energetic terms
– Larger glass surfaces – higher solar, energy gain
– Larger surfaces, fixed wingless elements up to 54 mm thick glass
– Maximum element size 6.50 m x 2.90 m for white profiles
– Uf = 1.2-1.3 W / (m²K)
– Heat isolation
– Package glass up to 54mm
– Restivable passive house values ​​possible up to 0.8W / (m²K)
– Fully recyclable
– Exclusive use of lead-free stabilizers in fresh raw material – greenline