PremiDoor 88 offers a whole new feeling of living. Whether it is nature’s greenery or urban skyline – large areas of glass removing the border between the outside world and your living space.

PremiDoor 88 is a completely new engineered door lift system. It features comfortable large openings, easy handling, outstanding thermal insulation values ​​and an architecturally elegant aesthetic.


Particularly striking is that the sliding elements, although they can weigh up to several hundred pounds, are easy to handle. An impressive combination of ease of handling and elements that can reach up to 6.50m wide and 2.90m high.

Trocal offers outstanding thermal protection values; with the right choice of glass, they can achieve the prescribed passive house values. PremiDoor 88 offers both innovation and design. At your disposal are aluminum trims, “upgrade” advanced proCoverTec technology, and a modern lux variant with a high proportion of glass surfaces.


We offer you four different ways of opening. Trocal PremiDoor 88 with its functionality, thermal protection and undeniable visibility assures that you have made the right choice.

Main features


– Convincing results both in aesthetic and energetic terms
– Larger glass surfaces – higher solar, energy gain
– Larger surfaces, fixed wingless elements up to 54 mm thick glass
– Available with classic white foil as well as AluClip
– Maximum element size 6.50 m x 2.90 m for white profiles
– Uv = 1.2-1.3 W / (m²K)
– Heat isolation
– Package glass up to 54mm
– Restivable passive house values ​​possible up to 0.8W / (m²K)
– Fully recyclable
– Exclusive use of lead-free stabilizers in fresh raw material – greenline