To your liking, ALUMIL’s M23000 FORESTAL Series is ALUMIL’s latest response to market demands for hi-end, tilting thermal break systems. It brings together twenty years of experience and knowledge in the design of aluminum structures and enhances their quality with the aesthetics of wood.
Originally conceived as a product for business users (allows for the load-bearing capacity of large glass surfaces) it comes to your homes.
Aluminum joinery is our exclusive offer within thermal break systems, emphasized thermal and sound insulation as well as high safety standards.
Top class thermal insulation with polyamide (fiberglass – polymerized PA 6.6), 24 mm in frame and 20 mm in wing, (according to Standard DIN52619 – 3: U (K) = 1.4 – 1.6 W / m2K; group 1.0), increased profile thickness for high durability structures, multi-chamber frame and sash profiles, special alloy profile on the feather frame, making the frame firmer and safer when trying to break in, multi-chamber central sealing rubber contributing to increased thermal insulation, wooden and aluminum parts are connected plastic clips, creating a gap of 5 mm which circulates the air, thus preventing the condensation of water, a 16 mm tilting mechanism that locks in several places at the same time along the entire circumference of the wing, so-called. perimeter mechanism (class WK3), glass glazing up to 32 mm.


A combination of top quality aluminum and wood aesthetics
The Alumil M23000 Forestal system is the result of Alumil’s leadership role in design and is a combination of top quality aluminum, the most suitable outdoor material, weatherproof, with the indisputable stylistic and aesthetic role of wood as interior material.
The basic structural material of the window is an aluminum profile with a thermal break, which is lined with wooden profiles on the inside. Aluminum on the outside protects the wood from atmospheric influences so that the wood remains unchanged even after about 20 years of exploitation. The aluminum-wood joint is made with special clamps that do not withstand the stresses caused by the expansion and shrinkage of the material, and allow air circulation, preventing corrosion due to condensation.
The Alumil M23000 is considered to be a high security system, using a special locking mechanism with “mushrooms” and a 13mm PVC groove. As a result, 30 min was achieved. burglar protection in class WK3 according to IFT Rosenheim certificate. Also, the 24mm wide polyamide used in this system raised the thermal insulation, so UF = 2.1 W / m2K.
The M23300 is Alumil’s premier lifting and sliding system solution, ideal for luxuriously designed buildings and large openings. The structural feature is the load-bearing capacity of up to 250kg on stainless steel guide rails and glazing with glazing up to 46mm thick.
The wood type and color of the fairy tale can be adjusted according to your interior (parquet, furniture, etc.). Lastly, aluminum can be painted with plasticization or anodizing. Either way, they provide a large selection of colors, while also protecting aluminum from the weather. Sealing is provided by sealing tires of different profiles and in several zones. Glasses can be in many variants than standard two-layer, low-E (low-E), stop-salt, armor, tempered, etc.


Technical features of the ALUMIL M23000 Forestal
– 90 mm frame profile depth
– wing profile depth 111 mm
– minimum visible width 117 mm
– Minimum visible width of “T” profile 78 mm
– Wing mechanism load ≥ 130 kg
– glass thickness ≥ 32 mm
– glazing Aluseal 3 system
– type of thermal insulation – 24mm polyamide


Properties of ALUMIL M23000 Forestal
– Thermal insulation – EN ISO 10077-2 Uf = 2,1 W / m2K
– Airtightness – EN 12207 – Class 4
– watertight – EN 12208 – Class A8
– wind pressure resistance – EN 12210 – Class C2
– Safety ENV 1627 – ENV 1630 WKIII