The S91 system belongs to Alumil “Supreme” systems and is specially designed to meet the high demands of passive homes. It is ideal for heavy, insulated removal with a high level of security. The system has excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation, watertightness and sound insulation with flexibility and easy processing. It meets perfectly high quality standards of developed markets.


– Frame depth 91 mm
– Wing depth 99 mm
– Minimum visible width 93 mm
– Minimum visible width (profil-profile) 76 mm
– Wing mechanism load capacity up to 130 Kg
– Maximum thickness of glass 28 to 70 mm
– Maximum wall thickness 1.5 – 2.5 mm


– System type: Isolated
– Uf 0.67 W / m2K
– Exterior Aesthetics: Straight
– Glazing method of 3 levels of EPDM tires
– Type of thermal insulation: Polyamide 54 mm wide, Kooltherm, PE insulation foam
– Euro groove mechanism, PVC groove 16mm
– Typologies For all window typologies