A series of profiles with a broken thermal bridge designed for the production of single-leaf, double-leaf or four-leaf windows and doors in combination with wooden slats. On the inside, the appearance of wooden windows and on the outside aluminum. Wooden slats: oak, walnut, cherry, and other custom colors.
Simple and easy maintenance due to the extremely smooth surfaces and the durability of the material and color. Profiles are available in all RAL colors, various wood imitations and anodizing tones.


– The possibility of glazing thickness: from 24 to 26 mm
– Thermal insulation of profiles: Uf = 3.78 W / m2K
– Wing capacity: 300 kg
– UNI EN 573 alloy, UNI EN 755-2
– DIN EN 755 T2 strength
– DIN EN 573 T3 assembly
– tolerances and thickness UNI EN 12020-2
– visible frame 31 mm
– 102 mm wing visible
– thermal bridge: two continuous polyamide bars reinforced with 16 mm wide glass threads