The AWS 75 BS.HI system is used to make windows and fixed rocks. It is a system of profiles with a broken thermal bridge, with a basic installation depth of 75 mm, with a minimum visible door width of 66.5 mm. This system is characterized by the so-called block-wing, i.e. the wing is fully integrated on the outside thanks to its shape. This allows the window profile width to be reduced to just the width of the window, without the width of the sash, as in other window systems. Breakage of the thermal bridge is achieved by using polytermid (PT) clamps that allow surface treatment before fitting, or polyamide (PA) that allow surface treatment after fitting.

System characteristics
– Material quality: AlMgSi 0,5 F22 EN AW – 6060
– OZ wing weight up to 160 kg, PASK wing (tilting) 130-150 kg
– possible glass thickness 8-52 mm
– 2.2 mm profile wall thickness
– possible opening types: swivel, swivel-swivel (one-wing, two-fold), swivel-swivel, swivel around the lower or upper axis, swivel-sliding (PASK), –
– Swing around the center vertical or horizontal axis
– possibility of motor drive and automatic control Tiptronic, hidden AVANTEC fittings
– warm. insulation, EN ISO 10071-2: Uf = 1.5-1.9 W / m2 K
– Sealing material (EPDM) DIN 7863
– surface treatment DIN 17611
– quality control DIN EN ISO 9001

HI (high insulation) profiles

System characteristics according to HRN EN 14351
– Air permeability, HRN EN 12207: Class 4
– Watertight, HRN EN 12208: Class E 750
– Noise protection, HRN EN 4109: up to 49 dB (glass dependent)
– Anti-theft, HRN ENV 1627: WK3
– Wind resistance, HRN EN 12210: Class C5 / B5