Schuco window systems with a depth of 90 mm combine the benefits of aluminum as a material with high thermal insulation for a design-oriented, sustainable architecture Schuco AVS 90 BS.SI + can be due to the narrow faces of the widths and concealed wings of the aluminum block window solutions into one as double-winged – 95 mm wide, even to passive houses as standard.
Innovative, sustainable and workable for the future – ready for batch production of the Schuco AVS 90.SI + Green window generation also brings significant quantities of renewable raw materials into production, such as foams and seals: for example, improving environmental protection, fossil fuels castor oil replacement material in polyamide insulation bars.


– meets the complex conditions for maximum thermal insulation of sustainable architecture
At a basic depth of 90 mm, Schuco offers a comprehensive window kit, including new passive house certificates. Its highly heat-insulated Schuco AVS 90.SI + series, Schuco AVS 90.SI + green and Schuco 90 BS.SI + is the perfect combination of building a physical requirement with the largest possible architectural design space.


ENERGY – suitable for passive homes
Design / DESIGN – block system



– increased security
– decentralized ventilation
– total depth – 90 mm
– Min. width visible – 77 mm
– Uf value (> =) – 0.85
– Highest. Glass thickness – 58 mm
– Type Opening – Inward
– Sound index reduction [dB] – 42
– Air permeability – Class 4
– watertight – 9A
– burglary – RC 2
– Wind load resistance – C5 / B5