The TROCAL 70 PVC-U window system is not a window like any other. TROCAL 70 is a modern window system in its own class – with a depth of installation of 70 mm. Considerable savings in heating costs, high sound insulation, reliable burglary protection and a wide range of design options. The TROCAL 70 therefore combines a small installation depth with all conceivable personal requirements.


The PVC-U TROCAL 70 window system is based on innovative five-chamber technology. First of all, optional modern triple glazing or special functional glazing up to 44 mm thick significantly increases the values ​​of thermal and sound insulation. Even with fasteners, the TROCAL 70 does not leave the wish unfulfilled, so old windows can be replaced with new ones without any problems.


Thin profiles represent narrow lines of vision, but with large glass surfaces. For more light and therefore more enthusiasm for living in your living space. This attractive design and its outstanding thermal insulation values ​​of Uf up to 1.2 W / (m2K) are achieved with an installation depth of 70 mm. Therefore, all possible personal requirements are met with the best engineering performance offered by this depth of installation.


The TROCAL 70 PVC-U window system offers a variety of design options, from classic white PVC to our TROCAL DecoStyle laminate color range.


Our greenline principle: Energy-efficient windows, lead-free stabilizers in source material and intelligent recycling concepts add to this added sustainability.

– High thermal insulation Uf value 1.3W / (m²K)
– Sound insulation up to 45 dB
– High degree of thermal insulation, installation depth 70mm
– 5-chamber technology
– Available air flow solutions
– Modern, classic design
– The most varied selection of wood decor and colors
– Additional heat and sound protection and safety obtained by a deeper groove
– Higher degree of safety with the 13 mm axis
– Improved statics
– Fully recyclable
– Greenline