The innovative aluminum binding wing gives perfect multi-protection in one system. The PVC window system TROCAL 76 AddOn with edge sealing has, in addition to its modern design, additional glass which, with its integrated veneer, provides excellent protection. Sun and view protection ensures a comfortable feeling in the room. The Venetian is located between the two windows, which is protected from the weather. The use of venetian blinds can be either manually or electrically operated.
The advantage of glass on the connecting wing is the improved value of sound and thermal protection. Costs for heating and CO2 emissions are greatly reduced and your quality of life is increasing.


PVC window system TROCAL 76 AddOn with edge seal is best suited for renovation and repair. An additional aluminum link wing can be mounted on almost any wing with AluClip aluminum lining. Choosing this system will enhance your existing windows, and you will be deprived of the dirt and noise that goes with carpentry.


On the inside of the window, the PVC profile provides high security function and easy maintenance. You can process and paint the aluminum lining in an almost infinite choice of colors, with various finishing techniques.


Our greenline principle: energy-efficient window systems, stabilizers in fresh, lead-free material, and an intelligent recycling concept provide the added plus of profile durability.