The new design, a variant of the AluClip Zero PVC window system TROCAL 76 with a medium seal, with its pleasing appearance combined with outstanding technique, assures that it is the right choice. In total, you have three aluminum lining designs available: externally flush with glass, half-level with classic wood and aluminum look, and concealed wing design.


The only opposite to the usual AluClip version is the unusual profile of the sash and the associated aluminum trim with a special design. The benefits of these two combinations of PVC profile and aluminum can be found with AluClip Zero. The PVC window profile emphasizes technical properties such as thermal and acoustic insulation, while aluminum offers weather resistance and sustainable value, captivated by lasting elegance, high stability and the freedom to choose colors when forming.


Processing the AluClip Zero designed trim is really easy. The cladding is easily glued to the window profile and pressed slightly at blunt edges. This system offers glass options from 36 mm to 50 mm, or from 48 mm to 56 mm, depending on the construction.


Our greenline principle: energy-efficient window systems, stabilizers in fresh, lead-free material, and an intelligent recycling concept provide the added plus of profile durability.

– Hexagonal construction with installation depth of 76 mm.
– Unique system of designed aluminum lining.
– Three different looks lining: in the same plane, in two planes and hidden wing.
– Patented window system.
– Excellent thermal insulation, values ​​Uf 1.1 to 1.2 W / (m²K).
– Glass from 36 mm to 50 mm or 48 mm to 56 mm depending on the construction.
– High resistance and weather resistance thanks to aluminum lining.
– Ability to use Upgrade (advanced) proEnergyTec technology.
– Elegant aluminum exterior design with an almost unlimited choice of colors – varnishing, lining or anodizing.
– Neutral white PVC on the inside – easy to maintain, does not require frequent service.
– Stabilizers in fresh, lead-free material – is our grennline principle.