For today’s insulation and sealing values ​​of buildings and windows, proper ventilation is important, to change the air used and to reduce the humidity. In order to avoid unnecessary waste of energy in the ventilation, you should follow a few important rules or use innovative window technology. With the targeted application of window luffer luffers, room humidity can be controlled and drained to the outside. A smart way to save energy.


The ClimaTec 76 ventilation mechanism, which is designed for the medium-sealing TROCAL 76 PVC window system, lies covered in a groove of the frame. Almost imperceptible but effective: it serves for controlled air exchange without manual ventilation and does not need a power source.


ClimaTec 76 can control the humidity of the room. The risk of developing a mold is minimized. At the same time, the ClimaTec 76 wind system automatically adjusts to the resulting pressure in strong wind gusts. In addition, it is understood to comply with energy saving requirements as well as DIN and EU regulations regarding ventilation of living space, noise protection and rain protection.


Our greenline principle: energy-efficient window systems, stabilizers in fresh, lead-free material, and an intelligent recycling concept provide the added plus of profile durability.

– ClimaTec 76 for medium-sealing PVC window system TROCAL 76.
– Self-regulating ventilation system, easy to maintain.
– Minimizes high humidity and risk of mold fungus.
– Promotes controlled air exchange.
– It protects against insects through the grids on the lufters.
– Outside and barely visible inside, tucked away in a frame.
– Automatic adjustment to wind pressure.
– Appropriate to the energy saving regulations of EnEV.
– Check sound protection up to 43 dB (SSK4).
– Resistance to rain and air leakage according to DIN and EU standards.
– Ventilation to DIN 1946-6.