The concept of a passive house only works if the thermal insulation is smartly designed and the annual heat consumption is reduced to 15 kWh per square meter. The building can then be heated from passive energy sources and there is no need for an additional heating system.


The window system is one of the most important components of a building. The narrow profiles of TROCAL 76, with its aluminum lining, provide a modern design with large glass surfaces while ensuring greater solar, thermal gains.


The Passive House Institute, ift in Rosenheim, calculates according to DIN EN ISO 10077-2 the thermal value of PVC window frames. The condition is a value of Uf & lt; 0.96 W / (m²K). The end effect is not only convenience through the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the frame, but also the entire window. It must be ≤ 0.8 W / (m²K)
The TROCAL 76 edge seal system achieves a value of 0.93 W / (m²K) thanks to both upgrade (advanced) AluClip Pro and proEnergyTec technologies, exactly the values ​​required by the WA-15/2 ift guideline.


TROCAL 76 AluClip Pro offers the best of both worlds: PVC and aluminum in one innovative system.


PVC offers optimum thermal and sound protection as well as a permanent safety function. Aluminum wins with elegance, the best weather resistance and a wide choice of color palettes. Another advantage is that aluminum takes on a static function, so steel reinforcement in the window sash is not necessary.


ift-guideline WA-15/2, states that in the variant of passive houses, the wing chamber and the frame in which the steel reinforcement is usually placed, they are filled with proEnergyTec insulation foam. With this technology, which can later be easily recycled, the highest values ​​of thermal insulation are achieved.
Our greenline principle: energy-efficient window systems, stabilizers in fresh, lead-free material, and an intelligent recycling concept provide the added plus of profile durability.

– TROCAL 76 edge sealing system, WA-15/2 ift guideline for passive homes.
– Five chamber construction with installation depth of 76mm.
– The following values ​​are required for passive houses Uf-value & lt; 0.96 W / (m²K) and Uw value ≤ 0.8 W / (m²K).
– The combination of AluClip Pro and proEnergyTec achieves a Uf value of 0.93 W / (m²K).
– AluClip Pro assumes static wing function, no need to use steel.
– proEnergyTec – with this technology, the chambers inside the profile are filled with insulating foam for better thermal insulation.
– Triple glazing up to 44 mm thick.
– Elegant aluminum design: lacquer, plastic or anodizing – almost limitless color choices.