Controlled air exchange is the most important link for a healthy indoor climate. The biggest problem is maintaining a balance between the intake of fresh air and the loss of heat. In other words, the art is to ventilate the environment while saving on heating costs. There is no simple solution to this – how long an optimal air change will last depends on the wind and weather, the position of the open window and many other causes.


The REGEL-air 76 ventilation system has put an end to this problem because it regulates even air changes by itself without electricity. The two-stage wind pressure control ensures that the room is comfortable with the windows closed.

This intelligent solution keeps the fungus away from your living space, affecting human health. REGEL-air 76 is positioned horizontally above the windows or vertically next to the windows and thus not installed in the field of view of PVC windows. Easy maintenance is also provided.


Are you rarely in the house or have a cottage you can’t ventilate regularly? Ventilation with REGEL-air 76 and PVC window system TROCAL 76, variant with edge sealing, is the right solution for you. REGEL-air 76 can also be retrofitted.
Our greenline principle: energy-efficient window systems, stabilizers in fresh, lead-free material, and an intelligent recycling concept provide the added plus of profile durability.

– Regulates humidity and reduces the risk of mold, which are harmful to human health.
– Constant, even air change in the room.
– The ventilation takes place with the windows closed, REGEL-air 76 is not visible, either internally or externally.
– Used vertically or / and horizontally.
– Easy to maintain. Quick and easy installation.
– Ideal solution for windows already installed.
– Tested sound protection up to 43dB (SSK 4)
– Rain resistance and air penetration in accordance with DIN and EU standards.
– Ventilation to DIN 1946-6.