TROCAL 88 AddOn is the innovative connecting wing of the future. Equipped with perfect multiple protection, this system integrates with the already successful TROCAL 88 AluClip system. With the combination of PVC and aluminum, the TROCAL 88 AddOn system achieves optimum technical values ​​as well as compelling modern optics.


Thanks to the extra glass and the integrated venetian blind inside that glass, additional protection is provided. The venetian between the two windows, which protects from the view and from the sun’s rays, remains untouched by the weather and provides a comfortable feeling of staying in the room.


The benefits of extra glass are clearly evident through the improved sound and heat protection values. Save on heating costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Energy efficiency and optical elegance have never been so simple, TROCAL 88 AddOn – more insulation, more design.


With TROCAL 88AddOn, you get all the benefits of having PVC and aluminum in one system. Modern PVC profiles over glass on the connecting wing additionally offer improved thermal and sound insulation. Aluminum offers elegance, weather resistance and a wide choice of colors. At your disposal is an almost infinite number of colors, RAL tones for lacquering aluminum lining, plastification, anodizing or NCS (Natural Color System, Swedish standard SS019100).


This PVC window system, with its noble aluminum lining, along with the aluminum binding sash, are designed to provide attractive window facades with large glass surfaces. Queries from tomorrow are already filled today. TROCAL’s modular construction and advanced technology offer the opportunity to emphasize your individuality in your own home.


Our greenline basis: energy-efficient window systems, stabilizers in fresh, lead-free material and an intelligent recycling concept serve as an added bonus of durability.



– TROCAL 88 AddOn – More insulation, more design.
– An innovative window and door system with an installation depth of 88 mm.
– Optimum protection against gaze and sun rays, with protection installed between two windows.
– Used on PVC windows with aluminum trim – TROCAL 88 AluClip.
– Increased sound and thermal protection with the use of extra glass.
– Optimal cost-effectiveness, eco-friendly, long lasting and powerful.