Thanks to the specially designed aluminum cladding on the outside, the TROCAL 88 AluClip Pro PVC-U window system is a true eye-catcher. This lining assumes the wearing function normally reserved for steel reinforcement within the profile of the PVC-U wing. This modern system therefore combines the material benefits of PVC-U and aluminum in one window.


PVC-U windows provide you with optimum thermal and sound insulation and lasting functional reliability, making them easy to care for and little maintenance – all your life. Aluminum offers you elegance, weather resistance and numerous colors. Learn about the nearly infinite range of color schemes for your designs. Whether you are powder coating, RAL paints, anodizing or NCS – you will find exactly what you need!


However, the design of the aluminum functional cover and the superior engineering values ​​of the PVC-U profile are not the only convincing features of the TROCAL 88 AluClip Pro – it also proves its architectural compatibility on the wide front. These include large triple glazed areas, even functional glazing up to 58 mm thick. Get impressive facade design, profit from solar energy increases and save significant heating costs, and therefore harmful CO2 emissions.


Now without an aluminum functional cover, the reinforcement chambers can be filled with proEnergyTec upgrade technology for even greater thermal insulation. The result: A high-insulation PVC-U window system that shows the elegance needed to design aluminum windows. AluClip Pro variant with foam and wing frame profile achieves a maximum heat transfer coefficient of 0.79 W / (m²K).


All PVC-U profiles are manufactured with calcium and zinc-free lead-free stabilizers.

– TROCAL 88 AluClip Pro – PVC window systems with functional aluminum trim.
– Seven-chamber construction with installation depth of 88 mm.
– Pravilinear profile design in two straight, straight edges with blunt aluminum lining.
– Unusual heat protection compared to aluminum windows.
– Large glass range up to 58 mm thick when using triple glazing or safety glass.
– High stability achieved by the function of the aluminum lining.
– Optics, aluminum exterior, neutral white inside.
– Almost unlimited choice of colors for aluminum lining, using refinement techniques such as anodizing or plastification.