Ultra stylish PVC-U window system complete with elegant aluminum cover on the outside. The combination of two PVC-U and aluminum materials, combined with top-level technology in one window, will no longer leave any desire for the future. These PVC-U profiles give you optimum thermal and sound insulation and lasting functional reliability. The aluminum cover, on the other hand, offers you exceptional elegance and very high weather resistance.


In addition, the aluminum cover on the outside of the window comes with an extraordinary range of colors. An impressive number of e.g. RAL color gives the facade of your building a very special character. Let different methods of varnishing and application, such as anodizing and powder coating, persuade you. From the inside, the window represents the fascinating potential of neutral white PVC.


However, the TROCAL 88 AluClip seven-chamber center gasket system not only provides compelling visual appeal. Also in thermal insulation, this PVC-U aluminum piston window system sets new standards with an outstanding Uf value of 1.0 W / (m²K). Thanks to huge glazed surfaces and the associated gains of solar energy, you save energy costs both in summer and winter. Also outstanding sound insulation values ​​can be achieved by triple glazing up to 58 mm thick. In terms of security, the TROCAL 88 AluClip gives you a reassuring feeling: its modularity and individuality allow you to fulfill your personal desires.


All PVC-U profiles are manufactured with calcium and zinc-free lead-free stabilizers.

Profile - Technical view