As a result of continuous exploration of the material, a new way of finishing has been devised that goes beyond the existing limitations inherent in wood and enriches it with extraordinary properties. Feel is a unique surface finishing of wood that combines the structural characteristics of wood and the coating of pure cellulose of deciduous wood, which is impregnated and treated with special varnishes, printed in synchronized pores with complete absence of formaldehyde.
Feel is a coating characterized by high abrasion resistance, scratches, heat-induced stains, and color invariance when exposed to light.
You can use the most common types of detergent for cleaning, avoiding the use of wax and petroleum products.
In this way, the perfection of the lines and the sense of touch of the materials enter your house, adapt to your taste and design needs and blend seamlessly into your choice of furniture.
Feel lining thus becomes an element of complement to interior design: for those who leave nothing to chance and want the perfection of their home, even when it comes to finishing. Imagine the harmony you can create in one environment using the same finishing for doors, windows and furniture.


Thermal insulation
Wood has a natural thermal insulation and significantly reduces energy needs for heating and cooling. The wood is not heated in the summer by solar radiation, and it improves thermal insulation in the winter.


Sound insulation
The wooden structure of the wood-al frame does not have hollow parts inside as is the case with metal structures, and this fact is very important to improve the sound insulation.

Environmental protection
Wood is a natural material. In the process of transformation into a lamellar profile, no toxic or harmful particles are created on the environment. The energy required to obtain the finished product is approximately 300kWh / t, which is very modest compared to other materials used in construction (aluminum requires 72500 kWh / t and 3500kWh / t for steel).


Housing comfort
Health inside the building. The use of wood leads to a reduction in internal pollution sources that alter air quality, create artificial magnetic fields or harmful gases. The wood allows the structures to be maintained under conditions of maximum geothermal breathability.


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