The CMC 50 system is intended for the production of glass gardens, either in the form of upgrades to existing structures or in the form of freestanding structures (pavilions). The basis of the system is aluminum profiles with thermal bridge break, which allow to meet the strict requirements of construction physics. Due to the degree of thermal protection, the system is available in two variants – standard and heat-enhanced, so-called. HI variants. The HI variant has a lower heat transfer coefficient, Uf, than the standard, thanks to the insulating inserts between the glass that reduce the heat flux from the inside to the outside. From the point of view of manufacturing technology, the system is designed modularly, ie. contains three modular units that simply fold into the final structure. In addition, the bearing profiles are unified, ie. there is one profile for vertical and horizontal installation direction, in different installation depths. In this way the number of required parts and the time of construction and installation are significantly reduced.


The three modular units are:
– outer part with cover cap
– sealing part with PVC insulator
– wear profile

The system parts also include grooves, fittings, static reinforcements, girders, ridge profiles, etc. Opening fields in the form of sliding rocks and swing doors are systematically installed as desired by the designer, ie. users. Roof slope designs are possible in the range of 7º- 45º.
All seals are EPDM, with the necessary overlaps, which guarantees the required watertightness. Rainwater and condensate drainage from the system is ensured by the principle of three drainage planes, which is the original Schüc patent.

Possible variants of winter gardens in the form of upgrades or freestanding structures (pavilions):